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Best Prenatal Vitamins With DHA And Iron Supplement For Women In Riverton, Utah

By Pharmics, Inc.

Pharmics, Inc. is a Utah based company that has been providing quality pharmaceutical nutritional products to the Bariatric, Pediatric and Obstetric market since 1970. Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy life. It is our goal that every child receive proper nutrition during the critical years of development (both pre and postnatal). Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world.

Ferretts Chewable Iron Supplement Prenatal Vitamins with DHA, gluten free and non-constipating Supplements For A Healthy Lifestyle. Iron is a mineral that is an essential constituent of blood and muscle, and is required for the transport of oxygen (this is why liquid iron provides such good absorption). Unlike many vitamins, the primary role relates to the ability of red blood cells to adequately carry oxygen to sustain the body's cellular support. This gluten free and non-constipating mineral supplements the body's natural intake to alleviate the deficiency.

Ferretts Iron Supplement, 60 tablets

When the body is deficient of iron, serious medical problems can arise, like rise in blood sugar and constipation. That is why Pharmics has created supplements that are gluten free and non-constipating. Iron deficiency is the single most common nutrient deficiency in the world. For those with sensitive stomachs or in prenatal stages, we offer a liquid form of the supplement with DHA. Pharmics offers vitamins with DHA to women also, prenatal vitamins with DHA are not just required for those who are pregnant, women can take them before and after pregnancy.

Iron deficiency is a common problem with most women, particularly women in the prenatal stages; even if they regularly take vitamins, they may not be getting enough. A small percentage of men also suffer from this. Iron deficiency and constipation is a frequent concern for post weight loss surgery (WLS) patients who typically take the liquid supplements. When deficiency progresses to anemia, and anemia is finally detected, an unbalanced condition has already been reached. The key to successful iron deficiency supplements is patient compliance.

Pharmics has developed liquid best iron supplement for women form, gluten free, non-constipating and prenatal vitamins with DHA that overcome the stigma of therapy better tolerated for better compliance and absorption. Our Liquid Supplement is a great solution for this issue.

OTC Prenatal Vitamins With DHA

Taking the best prenatal vitamins with dha is one of the most important things a woman can do for herself and her unborn baby. O-Cal vitamins provide nutritional support for both mother and baby before, during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life and an important time to be mindful not only of your individual nutritional needs, but the nutritional needs of your baby as well. Maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy affects both your well-being and your infant's growth.

O-Cal F.A. Multivitamin, 240 tablets

As your baby develops through the early phases of life, your nutritional needs will also increase. After delivery, you need an adequate diet rich in essential nutrients such as calcium and folic acid to support nursing and replace depleted nutrient store. These delicately blended iron supplements and multivitamins offer supplemental nutritional support for both you and your baby. The O-Cal products are gentle, small easy to swallow tablets that are gluten and dye free. Get off to a great start with the O-Cal family of Prenatal and Multi-vitamins - the Best Quality and the Best Value.

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Pharmics, Inc. is a Utah based company that has been providing quality pharmaceutical nutritional products to the Bariatric, Pediatric and... (show bio)

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